Branding and Designing

This branding brief form focuses on understanding your business, your unique selling point, the competition, your target audience, your vision of your brand/product, and your goals.

Our goal is obtaining this information is to spark the creativity and to deliver you the best brand for you.


  1. Understand the company / brand / service / product, find the uniqueness.
  2. Analyze your competition.
  3. Focus on the target audience.
  4. Prioritize simplicity over all else. Simplicity is the ultimate art in sophistication.
  5. A logo must be aligned with the brand promise.
  6. Design for the future.
  7. Be authentic and original.
  8. The right color(s) will help you to stand out.
  9. Avoid intricate design.
  10. Avoid intricate design.
  11. Think about different applications.
  12. Ensure the logo works in small scale – mobile devices are our extensions!
  13. Make it unforgettable.

    Let's Get Started on creating your brand!

    Start below. Don't forget, everything you write will shape our approach and your success.

    TIP 1: The shape of your logo reflect and reinforce the pillars of your company / brand.


    Which of the below listed logo types you feel/think that is the best fit for your vision of your company/brand?


    TIP 2: Colors are important. 93% of purchasing decisions are made on visual perception!


    TIP 3: Tips are important, because they are based on experiences.



    1. DE-BRIEF: I will will work on your brief, and we will call you to discuss.
      This de-brief will include what we basically understand from your brief, and what our approach will be for the end design. This stage is very important for you and us to create the awesome for your company / brand.
    2. After we shake hands, I will jump into the creative process.
    3. We will present you 4 alternatives in a given time line.
    4. From this point you will have max. 3 revision rounds - because I will deliver the best depending on the de-brief session. After 3 rounds of revisions additional costs may apply depending on your requests.